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Company Profile

Incorporated in the year 1999, we, Nebula Surgical Pvt. Ltd. are a Rajkot, India based company which is dealing in various surgical products. Working as an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier, our products are certified by CE Certificate and ISO 13485:2012 certifications. Our clients can purchase superior quality Orthopedic Implants and Orthopedic Instrument in different specifications as per their particular applications.

Company Quick Detail

Orthopedic Implants

Bone Screws

  • Cannulated Bone Screws
  • Cortical Screw
  • DHS Leg Screw
  • Titanium Locking Screw
  • Titanium Screw
  • Locking Screw
  • Mini Screw

Orthopedic Plates

  • 1/3 Tubular Plate
  • Small Dynamic Compression Plate
  • Small T Plate
  • Oblique T Plate
  • Reconstruction Plate
  • Narrow Dynamic Compression Plate
  • Broad Dynamic Compression Plate
  • T Buttress Plate
  • Lateral Tibia Plate
  • Cloverleaf Plate
  • Condylar Buttress Plate

Surgical Locking Plates

  • Small Locking Plate
  • Narrow Locking Plate
  • Broad Locking Plate
  • Distal Femoral Locking Plate
  • Lateral Tibia Locking Plate
  • Distal Tibial Medial Locking Plate
  • Philos Locking Plate
  • Clavicle Locking Plate
  • Distal Humerus Dorsolateral Locking Plate
  • Distal Humerus Medial Locking Plate
  • Distal Radius Volar Locking Plate
  • Anatomical Proximal Tibia Locking Plate
  • Anterolateral Distal Tibia Locking Plate
  • Olecrana Locking Plate

External Fixator

  • A.O. Clamp
  • Rail Fixator
  • Ilizarov External Fixator
  • Schanz Screw
  • K Wire

Intramedullary Nails

  • Interlocking Femur Nail
  • Interlocking Tibia Nail
  • Proximal Femur Nail
  • PFN 2
  • Titanium Interlocking Nails
  • Multifunction Tibia Nail
  • Trochanteric Femoral Nail
  • Supra Condylar Nail
  • Cannulated Humerus Nail

Spine Implant

  • Pedical Screw
  • Mono Axial Screw
  • Poly Axial Screw
  • Reduction Screw
  • Cervical Spine Plate
  • Eco Cage
  • Expandable Cage
  • Kidney Cage
  • PLIF Cage
  • Cervical Cage

Arthroscopic Implant

  • Endo Button
  • Endo Button With Loop
  • Interference Screw
  • ACL Screw
  • Anchor Screw
  • Ligament Stapple
  • Suture Disk

Maxillofacial Implant

  • Mini Plate
  • Mini L Plate
  • Mini Straight Plate

Hip Prosthesis

  • Austin Moore Prosthesis
  • Bipolar Hip Prosthesis
  • Thompson Prosthesis

Titanium Spine Products

Titanium Locking Plate

Pediatric Rail Fixator

Surgical Implants

Orthopedic Instruments

  • Basic Instrument Set
  • Instrument Set For Spine
  • Instrument Set For Interlocking Tibia & Femur Nail
  • Instrument for Arthroscopy
  • Instruments for Spine Cage
  • Instruments for Wire
  • Instruments For Cannulated Screw
  • Instruments for Bipolar
  • Instruments for D.H.S.
  • Instrument for Maxillofacial Implant
  • Instruments for General Surgery